List of Services

Welding in the Oilfield and on Oil, Gas & High Pressure Line

New Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction

Oil/Gas Well Servicing : Construction of New Battery Sites & Oil Lease Sites

Oilfield Maintenance, Services and Consulting

Licensed Gas Fitter: Steamfitter/Pipe fitter.

Setting up of Oilfield Storage Tanks, Flow lines and Well Heads

Oil / Gas Well Pumper / Battery Operators

Excavating operations: Track-hoe, Backhoe, Bobcat, Loader, Grader & Backhoe

Lease Site Road Building, Grading & Maintenance

Snow Removal

Oilfield Trucking of Equipment: High Boy, Low Boy & End dump

Oilfield Storage Tanks

Tank Moving - Canada & USA

Pilot Trucks

Picker Truck Operations

Towing in Oilfield

Incidental Towing of Heavy equipment & Vehicles outside of oilfield

Quality Control Program

Journeyman Mechanic - Routine Engine Servicing

Storage Tank Sales & Service

Tank Trailer Manufacturing


Specialty Projects

Pipemaster Oilfield Services Inc.

Proudly serving the Oilfield Industry for over 25 years.